Lake Shore Charter Chapter

Changing women's lives . . . one woman at a time.

About Us

Our mission is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition.

The goals of our Chapter are to provide powerful educational and/or motivational programs that enable women to grow professionally and personally and to offer a strong network of women business leaders in the local community.

Serving as a paradigm of excellence, for all ABWA groups, an ABWA Chapter or Express Network that has demonstrated Best Practices has obtained the highest level of achievement. Teams demonstrating Best Practices receive the official ABWA Seal of Excellence. Fifty-six Chapters and Express Networks achieved the coveted Best Practices status in 2012. Congratulations to Lake Shore Charter Chapter on this achievement.

Company History

The American Business Women's Association was founded in 1949 by Mr. Hilary A. Bufton in Kansas City, Missouri. Today, the American Business Women's Association spans the nation as the world's most diverse professional organization for women. Tens of thousands of members gather throughout the country, united by a common goal -- to support each other in professional development and career advancement.

The Lake Shore Charter Chapter chartered in July, 1977. This chapter was founded to unite businesswomen in the Detroit area for personal and professional development.

Personal and Professional Development

The Lake Shore Charter Chapter provides the opportunity to develop your skills in writing, public speaking, planning, organizing and leadership. By serving as a committee member, a committee chairperson, or as an officer of the chapter, you can learn and practice skills that will transfer to almost any career.

Our programs include speakers from both inside and outside of our membership. Topics cover a wide range of interests relating to personal and professional development. See our Events page for specific program titles and speakers.

We encourage all members to further enhance their personal and professional development by attending ABWA national conventions and regional spring conferences.

Our Meetings

Our chapter meets every first Monday at 5 p.m. (2 hours). At this time, all meetings are held virtually via Zoom.

Membership Dues

ABWA National dues are $115 annually and payable directly to ABWA. Each year, you will receive a renewal invoice from ABWA National on your membership anniversary date.

Chapter dues are $36 annually and payable every August directly to Lakes Shore Charter Chapter. New members pay at the time of joining and then renew each year by the August monthly meeting.